Message from the CEO of Global Dialogue Foundation


Undoubtedly, one of the tasks of the 21st century is to build inclusive societies. It is with this in mind that VOICE Magazine is launched by the youth for the youth. 


People from all cultural and religious backgrounds are now living together in cities throughout the world. Just as some societies are making good progress and developing intercultural harmony, many are experiencing difficulties and varying degrees of tension.  There is work to do, and youth have a pivotal role! 


With a growing number of youth representatives and organisations stepping into leadership positions, youth are indeed becoming powerful change-makers. I do feel that as the youth sector continues to strengthen, we will see great contributions to developing cooperation, building harmony, and reducing inequalities. Therefore, solidarity among youth is so valuable.


The launch of VOICE Magazine is timely and is an appropriate initiative in today's world. I am looking forward to reading each article published in VOICE Magazine and communicating regularly with our readers.


Pece Gorgievski


Global Dialogue Foundation




Message from the Chairperson of SAGE Foundation


The future belongs to the youth...and it is they who will be affected most by the decisions our leaders make today.  Such decisions will influence their future destiny, so it is very important they take a keen interest in these issues now – and make absolutely sure their voice is heard.


The rapid advance in technology and travel is making our world into a close knit global community with an extraordinary interconnected diversity. Rather than alienating ourselves it makes so much sense to embrace the richness of the diverse cultures. Our success and even our survival may depend on how we are able to bring about a unity amidst this diversity.


This is where a magazine like VOICE will play a crucial role in focusing on issues that matter to the youth of today.


As the Chairperson of Centre for Management and SAGE Foundation which create heart centric global leaders, and as the Vice Chairperson of Global Dialogue Foundation, which works under the aegis of the UNAOC to create a Unity in Diversity, I am proud to be a Founding Partner of VOICE, a magazine for youth that will offer a platform for ideas to be shared by the youth as well as seasoned world leaders.


Maya Shahani


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