Message for the "Young"

I am delighted that the Sage Foundation is launching VOICE. Indeed a timely and relevant magazine for the youth. I am sure "Voice", will give 'voice' to the power of the youth, ever vibrant and fired with passion to achieve and the will to succeed. These brilliant minds brimming with energy, throw up a million brilliant ideas but do they know how to channelize and where to invest this energy?

Both Hitler and Gandhi had the fire and passion to make a difference but they channelized their energies differently.  Above all, Gandhi was also noble minded. That's the difference. Our world needs passionate minds with compassionate & responsible hearts.

Before giving your time to anything, ask yourself, "Is it worth my time?" Because where your time goes, there your future awaits you.

The most ordinary Yuva have the potential and latent talent to unfold extraordinary possibilities and change the world. For this they need to identify with a goal larger than themselves.  When you have a vision for tomorrow, you will find strength in your today!

It is time also for the world to learn from the young and understand the roar of the youth.

May your creativity and idealism bloom for a better tomorrow.

Indu Jain
The Times of India Group


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