Dear Readers,

Our editorial team brings you another issue of VOICE magazine. This is a crucial juncture for us as a civilisation, be the crisis in the Middle East, civil strife in Nigeria or economic crisis, these few years will shape our future.

The Syrian refugee crisis continues to have a massive impact on European politics and discourse. The assimilation of refugees needs to ensure their integration into society and opportunities for survival. Russia’s entry into Syria is another complication in an already complicated and highly complex problem. Over the next few months we can see how this plays out. We all know how belligerent ISIS is and how that affects the quality of life of people in the region. Some truly horrific and blood-curling stories have come out of the now oppressed lands.

But politics aside, we hope you enjoy this issue. This is a perfect time, in the middle of this strife, for the youth to be united and take a stand.

I would like to thank the authors and our partners for their invaluable support that makes this magazine possible.


Amartya Chowdhury


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