Message from United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

I want to congratulate the whole team who took the initiative to launch VOICE, the global magazine of the Youth on inter cultural dialogue. Thanks to your vision and your leadership, this initiative will help youth from around the world to exchange on fundamental issues related to cultural diversity, inter cultural understanding and cooperation. This global conversation among cultures, identities, values, beliefs is more necessary than ever if we want to be able to live together in peace and harmony in the global village. And to be able to combine the legitimate attachment to our roots and culture with the need to coexist and develop a common sense of belonging. Use this platform to exchange about topics that are at the heart of our respective cultures, our values, our belief and identity: what does success mean ? What does progress mean? What does human accomplishment mean? What is the role of individual and its own interest in regard of the interest of the society?...

By doing so, don't be afraid to be audacious and bold, don't hesitate to tackle sensitive issues, and make sure you engage with ALL, not just the "converted" and those who are already willing to go this route. This is how you will really make a difference and have an impact, in engaging the conversation with those who are reluctant, skeptical, those who consider that culture and identity are one single block.

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations will be happy to help and facilitate this effort if you wish. We will be happy to convey to leaders your voice, your message and your recommendations.

Good luck and best wishes for a fruitful exchange and long life to VOICE

Jean-Christophe Bas
Deputy Director
Strategic Development and Partnerships
United Nations Alliance of Civilizations


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